AV2 Fiction Readalong

Each AV2 Fiction Readalong title uses an online readalong to bring its story to life with real actors and sound effects.
Every book includes a code giving users a free interactive ebook readalong.

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AV2 Fiction Readalong

AV2 Fiction Readalong brings readers timeless, educational stories. Each title is sure to engage, educate, and entertain young readers.

Your AV2 Fiction Readalong comes alive with...

  • REAL ACTORS AND SOUND EFFECTS  Each book is read aloud using high quality audio
  • READ TO ME OR READ BY MYSELF Users can read at their own pace, with audio support, or have the entire book  read aloud.
  • OPTIMIZATION for iPads, tablets, whiteboards, computers, and much more
  • HARDCOVER BOOK This unique media enhanced book has  a code on page 2 to  unlock the readalong