AV2 Let's read

Each hardcover title includes audio, videos, and more.
Get more with media-enhanced books.

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Media enhanced books developed specifically for young readers



Deep in Space

Farm Animals

Animals in My Backyard

Safety First

AV2 K–2 Nonfiction

Each K–2 nonfiction AV2 title includes a code allowing access multimedia features. Users can access weblinks, videos, activities, and more.

Your K–2 nonfiction AV2 books come alive with...

  • AUDIO  Listen to the entire book read aloud
  • VIDEO Live videos and animations allow users to view educational videos connected to the text.
  • OPTIMIZATION for iPads, tablets, whiteboards, computers, and much more
  • HARDCOVER BOOK This unique media enhanced book has a code on page 2 to unlock the digital features