1. What educational standards do AV2 Meet?
    AV2 media enhanced books are created to meet key National Education Standards for grades K to 12, as set out by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), and Common Core State Standards.

  2. Does AV2 content expire?
    No, the media enhanced content on AV2books.com is connected to each printed book. Just as our printed books will not expire, neither will the AV2 online content that accompanies each book.

  3. What sensitivity guidelines does AV2 follow?
    AV2 is committed to providing a safe learning environment for children to explore. Every reasonable effort is taken to ensure high-quality content standards are upheld. As an online learning environment, AV2 produces new content and organizes already-available content that is found to be ideal for teaching a given topic. This mixture of produced and collected content ensures a higher standard of quality. An editor evaluates each image, video, weblink, and activity for appropriateness. The content is thoroughly appraised in its entirety to ensure that it meets strict content guidelines. AV2 takes great effort to ensure that content hosted on our site does not contain discrimination, drugs, graphic violence, nudity, profanity, racism, or sexual themes. Additionally, we also observe strict sensitivity guidelines relating to the appropriate handling of topics related to gender, race or ethnicity, religious or political beliefs, and people with physical or mental disabilities.

  4. What are the av2books.com website specifications?
  • AV2 utilizes proven technology and is built using industry standard HTML, allowing it to be compatible with the majority of computing systems and browsers in operation for the past decade.
  • AV2 will work on and is compatible with the following web browsers and computer operating systems: Mac OS X 10.1 or higher, Windows 2000 or higher with Adobe Flash version 8 or higher installed, Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and other industry compliant browsers for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or Unix.
  • AV2 will work on and is compatible with all brands and manufacturers of desktop computers, laptop computers, netbooks, tablets, and interactive whiteboards that use the browsers and operating systems listed above.
  • The website is hosted with a stable and scalable hosting provider that will handle large volumes of users.
  • All videos are presented in Adobe Flash at user-selected lower or higher quality levels and are optimized for speed and viewing in both small and fullscreen modes.
  • All videos are locked and unable to be downloaded or copied from the website.
  • All downloadable content is saved in Adobe PDF format readable by any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher.
  • All weblinks on AV2 have been tested and verified as web safe with no viruses, malware, or trojans. However, due to the dynamic nature of the Internet, AV2 by Weigl cannot be held responsible for any changes to this content.
  • All weblinks are verified on AV2 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year by automated software processes for availability.
  • The user interface allows multiple forms of input, such as keyboard, mouse, or touch. All interface elements have been custom designed to support multiple input methods.
  • The site does not require user registration or any use or capture of personal information to access the website and use its content.
  1. Do AV2 books have AR Quizzes?
    AV2 by Weigl books are part of the computerized Accelerated Reader management program. Please visit the Renaissance Learning website to purchase
    AR Quizzes.

  2. Why can I not enlarge the sample spreads for my AV2 book?
    AV2 online content is designed to be used in conjunction with our printed books. Pages from the book that appear on the AV2 website serve as a visual cue for the student. This lets the student know which page in the book the current webpage relates to. The pages are not meant to be read from the website; they should be read from the book. However, AV2 by Weigl is developing a new product that will offer a fully digital experience.

  3. Does AV2 incorporate differentiated-learning Strategies?
    AV2 activities encourage verbal, written, and artistic expression by students. Hands-on activities involve kinesthetic learning or creative thinking. Other activities promote higher-level thinking. All AV2 content can be used to support struggling learners.

  4. Do AV2 Weblinks get updated?
    Yes, all AV2 weblinks are monitored on a regular basis to ensure the remain active and current. If a URL changes or a website closes down, our editors will update or replace the weblink accordingly.

  5. Does AV2 work on an iPad?
    AV2 media enhanced online materials do not currently work on the iPad or other tablet computers. However, we are currently working on a version of AV2 that is customized to work on these devices.

  6. Do I pay for a subscription to the online content?
    No, all AV2 media enhanced content is provided with each printed book at no additional cost. There are no subscription or registration fees.